SunCare Advantages

Sold 365 Days a Year – Accepted in all 50 States.

Why SunCare?

SunCare provides you with a compliant way to access wellness and preventive services with no co-pays or deductibles.

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SunCare covers Medical Benefits such:

Doctor Visits






SunCare Advantages

Nationwide PPO
Accepted by Most Major Hospitals
Maternity Coverage Covered
Accepts Most Pre-Existing Conditions
Unlimited Doctor’s Visits
More Affordable than Marketplace
Zero Deductible Plan
No OEP Restrictions. Sold 365 Days a Year
Accepted in all 50 States

Preventive & Wellness Services

Covered Benefits

Abdominal aortic aneurysm screeningDepression screeningIron supplementation
Alcohol misuse screening and counselingDiabetes screeningLung cancer screening
Anemia screeningFalls prevention: exercise or physical therapyObesity screening and counseling
Aspirin: preventive medicationFalls prevention: vitamin DOsteoporosis screening
Bacteriuria screeningFolic acid supplementationPreeclampsia screening
Blood pressure screeningGonorrhea prophylactic medication Phenylketonuria screening
BRCA risk assessment and genetic counseling/testingGonorrhea screeningRh incompatibility screening pregnancy visit
Breast cancer preventive medicationsHealthy diet and physical activity counselingRh incompatibility screening: 24-28 week's gestation
Breast cancer screeningHearing loss screeningSexually transmitted infections counseling
Breastfeeding counselingHemoglobinopathies screeningSkin cancer behavioral counseling
Cervical cancer screening:with cytology (Pap smear)hepatitis B screeningStatin preventive medication
Cervical cancer screening: with cytology and human papillomavirus (HPV) testing Hepatitis C screeningTobacco use counseling and interventions
Chlamydial screeningHIV screeningTuberculosis screening
Cholesterol abnormalities screeningHuman Papillomavirus (HPV) DNA TestSyphilis screening
Colorectal cancer screeningHypothyroidism screeningVisual acuity screening
Contraceptive methods and counselingIntimate partner violence screeningWell-woman visits
Dental caries prevention*See Schedule of Benefits forLimitations, Intervals, and Requirements


HepB-3Hib-3PCV-3Influenza, inactivatedPPSV-1
DTaP-1Hib-4PCV-4LAIV (intranasal)PPSV-2
Rotavirus-2Rotavirus-3Herpes Zoster

*Above benefits are subject to: Limitations, Intervals, and Requirements. See plan Summary of benefits.

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